Extraordinary Founders

People are the driving force of inspiration, change and the future.  Prairie Crest Capital seeks to partner with extraordinary founders with exceptional teams that are committed to solving significant problems.We value not only intelligence and vision but passion and perseverance as well.

Exceptional Teams

If extraordinary founders are the necessary ingredient to building a remarkable business that solves a significant problem, exceptional teams provide the sufficiency.  We look for great teams of people equally committed to solving THE PROBLEM about which they share a passion.  Teams with diversity of talent, skills and perspective are the most likely to succeed.

Significant Problems – Solved

The problem solved by the technology must be big.  The solution also must create value.  Big Problems + A Solution = Billion Dollar Companies.

If you think that your emerging company may be a fit for Prairie Crest Capital, continue reading for more information about our criteria and submission protocol.

Criteria for Investment

In addition to being an extraordinary founder that is solving a big problem with an exceptional team, we have a few other criteria for consideration of your business proposal (which helps us all save valuable time).

  1. We make initial investments at the Seed and Round A stages.
  2. We prefer to make initial investments at the Seed stage.
  3. We do, however, make initial investments at the Round A stage.
  4. At the seed stage, we prefer a rudimentary proof of concept in the lab, beta or prototype level.
  5. Your team must include at least two people of different skill sets - technology, sales, finance for example.
  6. We focus on investments in AgTech, Software, Applications, Communications, Data Analytics, AI, and materials science.  Although we will review outstanding solutions to problems outside of these sectors.

Submit Your Business for Consideration

We love reviewing business plans. It is our lifeblood as our only purpose is to serve entrepreneurs and help them succeed.

If you think that your business meets our criteria, we encourage you to contact us. Please click here for our contact information and instructions for entrepreneurs and aspiring portfolio companies.

You may also navigate to our contact page.

Include your contact information, a copy of your presentation deck or a copy of a summary of your business and your actions plans. We look forward to meeting you!