Prairie Crest Capital is a Midwest based venture capital firm focused on early stage investments in promising, transformational agriculture and technology innovation. Leveraging their financial and operating experience, the partners identify undiscovered opportunities to provide funding and development assistance to qualifying enterprises poised for accelerated growth.

Unique Focus

Prairie Crest Capital will focus on early to mid-stage investments in technology companies located primarily in the Midwest. Our principal focus is the burgeoning AgTech sector. Prairie Crest believes that AgTech companies, particularly those located in the Midwest, have (until recently) been largely ignored by institutional investors and venture capital firms.  The Fund will, however, have a national scope of investment.

Unique Experience

Prairie Crest’s management team is comprised of individuals with a unique blend of investment and global operational experience.  Featuring individuals with extensive international experience in private equity, hedge fund investments, operational responsibilities, successful business turnarounds, multiple start-ups and public company management. The Management Team has the personnel to bring value to an under-served market by providing the tools, advice and operational expertise to entrepreneurs. 


Unique Access

A foundational strategic and operating doctrine of Prairie Crest is providing investors with access to entrepreneurs and providing entrepreneurs with access to investors, including with respect to later stage investments and potential liquidity event opportunities. The Principals will leverage their global network of investors, venture capital funds, private equity and corporate entities, to assist entrepreneurs with raising growth capital and finding suitable exits.  

Prairie Crest Capital Service Partners

Entrepreneurs Platform

Prairie Crest Capital is an active and collaborative investor that will surround its extraordinary founders and emerging companies an ecosystem capable of serving as a virtual accelerator for success.  Prairie Crest focuses on five (5) general areas to achieve these goals: Partnership, Engagement, Education, Process and Access.


Active Partners

Prairie Crest Capital actively partners with its portfolio companies by taking a hands-on approach, assisting remarkable entrepreneurs in achieving success. The partners will look for opportunities to make themselves available to participate in sales calls, provide introductions to potential strategic partners and acquirers, and actively recruit new management team members and independent board members as needed. Prairie Crest may also provide assistance on commercialization opportunities, reimbursement strategy, regulatory compliance and fundraising. 

In addition, the partners at Prairie Crest are launching a series of workshops for its portfolio companies to provide them guidance and assistance in customer prospecting, marketing, networking, operations, technology issues, regulatory compliance, financing, including subsequent round planning, industry trends and legal issues.