Midwest Based Venture Capital Firm

Prairie Crest Capital is a Midwest based venture capital firm focused on early stage investments in promising, transformational agriculture and technology innovation. Leveraging their financial and operating experience, the partners identify undiscovered opportunities to provide funding and development assistance to qualifying enterprises poised for accelerated growth.

Investment Focus

Prairie Crest Capital seeks to invest in and partner with extraordinary founders with breakthrough ideas in the areas of AgTech and related technologies. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, the firm intends to concentrate its investments in the Midwestern farm belt with its underlying asset base of world class research Universities, deep talent pool, and emerging agricultural technology ecosystem.

The Prairie Crest Team

The Management Team is led by Mark White and Barry Adams. The Principals have a unique blend of investment management, global operational and entrepreneurial experience, and together, they possess the ability to bridge the best practices from traditional money centers with entrepreneurs in underserved markets. Leveraging their over sixty (60) years of combined experience in marketing, operations and finance, the Principals believe they will be able to assist promising enterprises achieve breakthrough objectives, obtain multiple rounds of financing and enable them to become substantial and meaningful companies.